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Website Tour Video Script

Updated: Aug 15, 2021

All gay JWs, supported, happy, and in control!

Hi, my name is John and I’m gay. I’m also one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. So, I’m a gay Jehovah’s Witness. Jehovah’s Witnesses believe what the Bible says about not committing homosexual acts. So we gay Jehovah’s Witnesses seek support to deal with our gay feelings and desires, so that we can please God. So that’s why I created this support site.

On this Home page you can see a scrolling banner with various images. These images refer to various topics discussed on this site.

You’ll notice also on the Home page under the banner, a Blog.

I started a few blogs, for example, “How can I control my gay feelings and desires?” and I look forward to comments from members. There is also a blog about helping gay Jehovah’s Witnesses not to leave Jehovah’s Witnesses to carry out their gay feelings and desires, “Don’t let your gayness cause you to leave Jehovah’s Witnesses.” And the blog about the Forum has a list of current topics under discussion there.

The About page explains what the site is about, and you can click on the Website Tour Video to see about navigating through the site. There is also a video of me coming out on YouTube.

There is an Events page. When topics come up to discuss, or when a gay Jehovah's Witness has an urgent need, they can make it known to me, and I will schedule a Zoom meeting and let the members know what the topic or need is about, what date and time the Zoom meeting event will be held, and the Zoom login details. You can do the Zoom meeting in whatever language you desire.

Discussing a topic on Zoom

Helping a gay Jehovah's Witness with an urgent need on Zoom

General Zoom chat and getting to know one another

Zoom congregation meetings together

Now on to the Forum.

The Forum includes a variety of topics of interest, topics especially of interest to gay Jehovah’s Witnesses. (See Forum topics.) Anyone can visit this site and read everything posted here. To create you own posts and to comment both in the Forum and on the Blog, simply join the site to become a member. You can also subscribe to receive notifications of updates made to the site.

You notice also the Members Chat. As a member you can chat with a member or members visiting the site, one-on-one or in a group chat. Since it is for visiting members, you can email other members a date and time when you would like to meet for chatting.

Thank you for watching this brief Website Tour Video, “Support for Gay Jehovah’s Witnesses.” To show that this site offers support so that you’re never alone, please enjoy this original song in the Forum under the topic “Songs that comfort, encourage and reassure,” the song entitled “Never Alone.” Click on the song title, then the digital button to see the lyrics and hear the song being sung. Click also on the video button to watch an accompanying music video.

Never Alone

You’re never alone with Jehovah,

and you’re never alone with those of us on this site.

And there is also an Events page. The Events page where members can suggest a topic to discuss or an urgent need by one of our fellow gay Jehovah's Witnesses, or a meeting to chat and get to know each other, or to do the congregation meetings together. Just email me the details and I will post what the Zoom meeting event will be about, on what date and time it will be held, the Zoom meeting login details, and members can RSVP if they want to attend. These will be live events. For those who can't attend, especially due to time zone differences, the live event Zoom meetings will be recorded and available to those who can't attend the live meeting. Happy online posting, commenting, chatting, and joining in live events!

Happy gay Jehovah's Witness here!

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