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Promoting the Website "Support for Gay Jehovah's Witnesses"

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

Hey, brother. I'm here for you!

I'm here to help and support you!

Here's a link for a promotional Website video uploaded to youtube.

Support for Gay Jehovah's Witnesses

I'm regularly adding and tweaking images, videos, and texts here in the Blog and Forum.

Besides posting, commenting, chatting, or joining in Live Events,

if you would like to make any suggestions about the Website,

please feel free to let me know!

Just email me at

or call or text me at 239-245-2995

USA country code is number 1

Click on the titles of these Website theme songs, then the digital edition button to see the lyrics and to hear the songs being sung. You can also click on the video button and see music videos that accompany the songs.

Never Alone

When we have Jehovah and gay Jehovah's Witnesses friends,

we are never alone!

Brotherly Love

Spiritual gay brothers will always be there

to comfort, encourage, and reassure.

You Can Count on Me

Through our ups and downs, we can count on true friends.

With eyes of faith we long for the time

when Jehovah will permanently remove

our gay feelings and desires.

Please see the lyrics and hear the song being sung,

"With Eyes of Faith." Click on the song title, then the digital button.

To watch the accompanying music video click on the video button.

With Eyes of Faith

Another beautiful music video accompanies this song as well.

Produced by the Watchtower, Bible, and Tract Society of Pennsylvania

Click on the arrow to watch the video.

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