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Being Christian and gay is a downright tough situation.   It can be a daily struggle to control abnormal homosexual desires so as to remain clean and pleasing to Jehovah.  And it isn't easy to find someone who is also a gay Jehovah's Witness so that, hopefully, you can find an understanding, caring confidant or confidants on this site, to get needed mutual support, comfort,

encouragement and reassurance. 


Over the years many gay Jehovah's Witnesses have reached out to friends, to spiritual brothers and sisters, to get help, all to no avail.  Mutual support can help us obey Jehovah's commands on homosexual acts.  It's hopeful that on this site fellow gay Jehovah's Witnesses can be found, ones that can comfort us, encourage us, reassure us, and give us needed mutual support.   Here we can establish great friendships that can help us in our struggle.   We can become a community, a family. 


Also, if there is a topic you would like to discuss, or if there's an urgent need by a gay Jehovah's Witness, for example, just let me know and we will schedule a live Zoom meeting event to let the members know if they want to attend.  This will be on the Events page.  If you join as a member, you can post and comment on the Home page, in the Forum, and use the Members Chat feature.   

Being gay and dealing with gay feelings and desires, present what seem to be

to a gay Jehovah's Witness, the ultimate struggle. 

So help and support need to be thoroughly explained;

then, in turn, such explanations  need to be understood, processed, and absorbed.  

So the posts in the Blog and in the Forum may seem to be read as a book.

We welcome you to express your personal struggle and give your feedback.


If you speak a language other than English, feel free to post and comment in your own language, and if you can, go to Google Translate  and put your post or comment into English, too. Thank you!  May Jehovah bless our efforts to worship him according to his righteous standards.

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